Eliminate the Fragility of the Electricity Balance Position

Albania is a net importer of electricity and the country’s domestic generation is almost entirely dependent on hydropower.  The government has embarked on a comprehensive reform in the energy sector to  modernize its distribution, transmission, and generation capabilities.

The strategy aims to ensure secure electricity supply through market reforms, liberalization of the energy market, new regional interconnections and energy diversification.   

Energy Situation

Electricity balance 

Production: 4.7 billion kWh 

Consumption: 7.79 billion kWh

Exports: 288.5 million kWh 

Imports: 3.35 billion kWh 

Installed generating capacity: 1,900 MW 

-from fossil fuels: 5.2%

-from nuclear fuels: 0% 

-from hydroelectric plants: 94.8% 

-from other renewable sources: 0%


Rate of self sufficiency: 60%

Investment plan

Planned Objectives

It is apparent that significant investments in electricity generation have to be undertaken to

allow Albania to meet its demand.The country can reach the electrical self-sufficiency in 8 years with an investment of € 350 million per year.


Action plan 

Increase of electric power capacity for 800 MW to achieve self-sufficiency, including:

  • Capacity building .................800 MW;
  • Expected cost..................€ 2.8 billion;
  • Timeline...................................8 years.

Implementation Plan


 The country has been transformed from an 

exporter to an importer of electricity. Hence, expansion of the generating capacity is one of the top priorities of the Albanian energy policy sector. The Albanian Government is focusing on the diversification of its energy supply and the promotion of other renewable energy sources.

Renewable energy sources in Albania are promoted through a feed-in tariff applied to power plants up to 15 MW and based on power purchase agreements signed for 15 years. The public energy supplier is obliged to pay a regulated tariff for the electricity generated from renewable energy sources.


 Available generation capacity is not sufficient to meet growing domestic demand for electricity, particularly at peak times, even when hydro resources are favorable. 

 Overconsumption of electricity, particularly at low tension levels, has lead to great technical losses in transmission and distribution networks due to overload and other damage. 

For a better management of Hydro reserves, it is necessary to improve the energy generation structure by  introduction of alternative and competitive energy resources.

The planned GEP initiatives to increase of power capacity is a rapid and realistic solution  for the country.


County & Capacity

  • 1- Berat:   40MW 
  • 2- Dibër:   40MW 
  • 3- Durrës:   75MW 
  • 4- Elbasan:   84MW 
  • 5- Fier:   88MW 
  • 6- Gjirokastë:   20MW 
  • 7- Korçë:   65MW 
  • 8- Kukës:   24MW 
  • 9- Lezhë:   38MW 
  • 10- Shkodër:   61MW 
  • 11- Tirana:   215MW 
  • 12- Vlorë:   50MW