Business Opportunities

Global Electrification Project offers an attractive investment opportunity for investors seeking exposure to well-structured projects and well-diversified emerging markets infrastructure assets.

The combination of high levels of energy demand and the challenges presented by climate change has resulted in renewable energy becoming an important power generation solution for emerging market's governments. This has created a compelling investment opportunity driven by macro-economic and geo-political investment drivers, including:

  • Expected high growth of emerging markets;
  • The need for new power generation capacity;
  • Attractive risk-adjusted returns;
  • Improved regulatory frameworks and policy support.

We are focused on Investment Groups, Venture capital and Family Offices for fundraising and financial partnerships as well as for industrial and commercial companies that intend to strengthen or expand their business through strategic agreements with leading global companies.


The principal objective of Global Electrification Project is to develop projects and achieve medium to long-term investment returns through private sector participation in a portfolio of renewable energy assets in the safest countries.

Recent years have seen all European countries establishing supportive regulatory frameworks for private investment in renewable energy. Our strategy is to boost the energy transition in Europe by green energy and to take the lead in the transition to increasingly sustainable new energy systems. We want to build on our strengths and to create long-term, profitable growth opportunities within renewable energy and business areas  characterised by stable and regulated flows of incom.

Advisory team

The advisory team will assist in deal sourcing and investment pipeline management including the following activities: 

  •  Identifying, pre-screening and selecting companies and funds with candidate projects meeting GEP investment criteria;
  • Evaluating and finalizing business plans and due diligence of the first set of projects;
  • Establishing templates for legal documentation that can be replicated across projects and different products; and
  • Capacity building with local financial institutions and other investment partners to ensure leverage of capital resources from sources other than GEP.