About Us

A Global Developer of Renewable Energy Projects

The "Network Global Electrification Project"  has commercial and project development teams based at Verona, Bari and our engineering services division is located in Merano, Italy. 

Our core business is to develop, finance, construct and operate large scale, renewable energy projects in the Europe, North America, Asia and emerging markets. We deliver world class renewable project development strategies using our internationally renowned transaction team. 

GEP is pioneering the development and operation of hydrostatic power projects, creating a new asset class of limitless, non-intermittent, ubiquitous, reliable energy generation.  In essence, we deliver exceptional projects and rely on a very clever and dedicated group of people to overcome engineering challenges and just make things happen. The heritage of GEP stems back more than three decades when a group of dedicated engineers decided to design an Hydrostatic Power System (HPS) that could efficiently harness the earth's most abundant resource — the gravity force .

In 2004, the  GEP's founders teamed up with some sponsors to drive the development of commercial scale hydrostatic power projects from concept to construction.

Investors look at industry foresight, thought leadership and the world-class traction team and gain confidence from our track record.  We give them unparalleled access and early entry into one of the world’s most rapidly growing and exciting new power markets.

We develop, finance and build large-scale renewable energy projects. Then we sell the assets to organisations looking for guaranteed long-term revenues. Our projects are typically backed by long-term power purchase agreements .

As we progress through the development process, the value of an asset increases as the risk decreases. Our strength lies in the systematic de-risking of the project and the flexibility we offer the ultimate owners of the asset. They can choose to come on board at any time, depending on their risk-reward appetite. That could be at the late-stage development, financial close, construction or operation.

Therefore, our investors have the assurance that cash flowing from the operational power plant will satisfy their on-going commercial needs.

We also specialise in partnering with large corporations wanting to invest in renewable energy. 

Towards a Global Energy System 100% Renewable

Across the world, civil society organisations are calling for fossil fuel emissions to be phased out and for renewable energy to be phased in. Their vision is a 100% renewable energy future, where sustainable power supplies are accessible for all. This future is not only essential, it's possible.

Global Electrification Project initiatives has been started to introduce "HPS Technology" into the global power generation market. 

HPS technology is a new alternative source now commercially available for market integration. It is an energy system with features typical of the load-following power stations. Like other load-following power generators HPS power plants can increase or reduce their output based upon demand, and typically run at 50 to 60 % of capacity. The HPS power station isn't an intermittent source but can respond to variations in demand and supply on timescales of minutes.

Current Activities

The primary task is the implementation of the programs for electricity self-sufficiency in European and MENA countries. At the time GEP has scheduled more than 10 country energy plans and stays in contact with respective public authorities, is active in transnational activities & projects, with a liason office in Merano-Italy.

GEP Initiatives for Energy Transition in Europe

A major project has been launched in Europe to accelerate the energy transition in countries that have introduced incentives for renewable electricity generation.

This project involves transformation changes in the way that modern energy is supplied and has also set ambitious targets for the rapid development of an entirely new energy system, environmentally safe, cheap and unlimited energy source.  

Renewable energy is now cheaper to build than new coal and gas, and the impacts on our air quality and health from burning fossil fuels is now better understood. 

Shifting towards clean, renewable technologies will also help Europe play its role in cutting carbon pollution and avoiding dangerous levels of global warming.

There is a clear environmental and economic motivation to immediately shift towards renewable energy in the Europe and in the World.

The "Network Global Electrification Project" is an  organization that offers services to support and develop sustainable energy programs. 

It manages the development of large energy projects on behalf of its members and partners.